Nov 25 2008

Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies 6

You need to also take control by visiting social bookmarking sites and looking around for posts that interest you or are related to your niche you are trying to be successful in. Bookmark these sites, and if at all possible, add a comment that will link back to your site. This single step can boost your traffic immensely, and make you visible on the search engine radar.

Imagine what happens when you bookmark three websites as your favorites and they bookmark you in return, and each of you comments on the others’ posts! You will soon amass a network of active links, which the search engines love.

Certain social bookmarking sites become favorites with search engines, which mean that the links they feature will get higher rankings. Then there is YouTube, owned by Google, and thus given preference over every other video site.

Social bookmarking is the fastest way to create hot internet buzz around your product or service. It is the surest way to get noticed. If you do the follow up work and create content that people like, your odds of landing up on the front pages of social bookmarking websites will increase with every post and every link you create, especially if you use popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and others.

Remember, the higher your ranking on the search engines, and in the blog engines, the greater will be the traffic beating its way to your door. If you then have an email capture, and a good sales letter or links to your affiliates, who should have professional, high converting sales letters, the more likely it is you will convert these people from browsers into people who have taken the action you desire.