Nov 23 2008

Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies 4

Why is Web 2.0 marketing important?

In the past, getting noticed on the Internet was relatively easy. There was little choice and less competition. So, making a splash in the pond of Internet marketing was not so difficult. In my heady internet days, which go back to about 1996, I was able to get hundreds of people to all the sites I built for myself and my friends with virtually no more marketing than sig files in my emails and participation on a couple of forums.

But today, things are very different, with millions more internet users, but also billions more sites, and growing!

Today, marketing is not about how many hits you have, but about how well you convert your visitors from browsers into buyers. If any self-proclaimed internet marketer tells you it is all about the traffic, move on to another one.

It is all about CONVERTING traffic. And it is all about getting repeat visits, keeping them coming back for more with your great content and terrific products that offer value for money.

Why should users come back to you when they have so many places to go? Because through your site and great content in your email newsletter, and the products you create and sell (or high-quality products that you promote for other people) you will establish yourself as someone who can be trusted, and whose opinions and guidance count.

Of course, people who browse the net have very short memories, and they will dump you if you don’t keep yourself in their mind. How many times do we bookmark a page, and never look at it again?

So, in order to keep yourself in the forefront of your competition, you must first have a place where they can register for your newsletter, so you can contact them when you need to. Do NOT spam them, do not over-post about rubbish.

You have to post well, and post regularly, at least twice a week. Use video and audio to capture their attention on the net, but make sure it is worth looking at, or put another way, worth spending their precious time on.

Use the scheduler feature of WordPress to line up your articles for the coming month. I can usually get all my content written, uploaded and put in the queue for a month in a single Sunday if I stay organized.

Using the RSS with email feature of Aweber, you can email to your list automatically every time you post a new article.