Jul 19 2010

Underground Traffic Blueprints review part 4

In this section we are going to be looking at Phase 4 of Underground Traffic Blueprints.

Module 4: Massive Traffic through PPV, CPV or pay-per-view and cost-per-view:
Jeremy and Simon have gone all “subterranean” in this underground five part series, unearthing the reasons I see many of my friends losing their shirts in the PPC and Contextual Advertising Networks.

You will find that even the people who are making profits in the networks are still leaving lots of money on the table. I believe it’s because no one has ever been able to put together such a complete blueprint on this subject, explaining all of the factors and how they relate to one another.

Other courses and video series on this subject have shoveled on the fluff, while Jeremy and Simon dig up why regular keyword research does not produce results and how once you know the real secrets, you can squeeze every ounce of value out of each penny you spend on advertising (for those of you struggling newbies who can ever even think about having a small PPC budget! let alone affording one.)

These two guys have really outdone themselves by sharing tools which I’m surprised they didn’t keep secret. It’s really the only plan I have ever seen on CPV worth considering taking the time to make scalable. So if you really want to get this course if only to brush up on what need to know about the real world of PPC and contextual advertising, then I repeat, this module alone is worth the price of the entire course.


There are other modules and two outstanding bonuses in this course that also make it more than worth what you are going to pay for it, less than $80 if you are one of the fact action takers who gets in at launch the way I did.

The fact is that one bonus alone is so outstanding, it will be a true game changer for the way you market on the internet. Because this new tactic works in and out, of both the cyber and brick and mortar worlds, even the “underground” insiders won’t be able to forecast its impact! This is truly integrated marketing which those of us in the know have used quietly for years to build our marketing empires, so as shocking as it will sound when you go through this bonus offering, trust me, it works.

So there you have it, the end of our review of Underground Traffic Blueprints. As I have said, the SEO and PPC modules alone are enough to make the course more than worth its while, but the fact that you get 9 more amazing modules and 2 outstanding bonuses make this a traffic building program you will want to grab now while the price is still so low.

If all this sounds like something you can really use to grow your business, then order Underground Traffic Blueprints now. Buy now