Oct 21 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 8

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 8


The wonders of WordPress


WordPress also has a number of templates, themes and widgets you can use to make your site and blog look totally unique, with relatively little difficulty.   Templates are pre-formatted ways of making the page look.  Themes is the overall creative appearance of the site.


The standard is the blue-based Kubrick pattern, but even here, there is flexibility, with you easily able to go in to change the top color.


The widgets are the items down the side, such as recent postings, your categories, a calendar, and so on.  Many of them are pre-loaded already, but you can move your widgets around into a different order that makes sense for you, or, even add new widgets.


Not all themes have widgets; however, so don’t just go on artistic appearance alone, but also on how professional and organized you want your site to appear.


Then you have choices like left-hand navigation vs right-hand, and 2, 3, or even more columns for your blog.  I recommend keeping it simple, with no more than three. 2 is ideal with your article in the wider of the two columns, and your navigation on the left or right. 


Many people do have larger screens these days, but too much stuff running down the side of your article is bound to interfere with people reading it.


Also, having too many or two few choices.  Think about a few main categories you will post about regularly on your blog, and get started. You can always add sub-categories later.


That is another great thing about blogs as compared with static websites—you can very easily add categories and areas and new pages without having to update dozens of pages with the new links.