Oct 19 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 6

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 6



Avoid writing long articles. Instead write short ones with a lot detail, or break up the longer ones into a series that you can queue up and post in the future. I find that I am able to do a month’s worth of postings in a day if I am focused.


Blog on what you believe in and are passionate about, and interested in. If you don’t believe in the content, you will find it hard to convince your readers about the subject matter, or keep their interest.


Choose a topic you want to learn more about.  Even if you are trying to position yourself as an expert, there is always more to learn.


Remember that your blog is meant to earn you money, so ‘reviews’ of your affiliate products, or reviews from pros about your own product, are also useful and relevant content.


In addition, your blog, if done with the appropriate professional tone, will likely be a good ‘calling card’ for people interested in consulting services. The free content you offer at the site should be your best marketing tool, either for a paid eBook you plan to sell, or your own consulting services which you will be hoping to get paid top dollar for.


Great blog content offers information and insight into issues that the reader has not encountered before. Even if you are commenting on a news article or press release, try to explain it from your perspective, or spell out for people why it is useful, need to know information, and how it is relevant to them.


As marketers will tell you, the most powerful question you can answer is “What’s in it for me?” 


Your blog posts should answer that by being interesting, relevant, and keeping them coming back for more.