Oct 17 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 4

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 4


The essentials continued


Most online readers scan content. Ones that catch their attention and they want to interact with will keep them coming back.


Make sure your blog is well-organized in terms of navigation. Use your categories wisely, and yes, you can cross post if it is relevant to more than one topic.


Great blog content is always researched. You will have people coming back for more each time you update your blog if you work on it in a professional manner.


Another simple technique for great blog content is adding pictures, which can often catch attention and can be key worded also in their title, and alt and title tags.  


The ideal lengths of most blog posts is 300-500 words, but why not try a longer article and break it up into 2 or more parts. It will also keep people coming back to read more of the series.


Finally, you have pages in your toolkit, landing pages in which you can sell product, or write at more length. You can use these static anchor pages for basic information, order them in a series, use them for sales letters, and so forth. The only limit on them is your imagination.