Oct 16 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 3

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 3


The essentials of blogging successfully

There are a number of essentials that need to be kept in mind when attempting to write good or even great blog content. Never underestimate the power of a great title. A great keyworded title.


Your title is like the headline in a newspaper. The title has great potential in reaching out to the target audience, and bringing in the money if you have products to sell.


So the title of your blog postings needs to make an instant impact on the reader.


In addition, you are trying to attract the search engines, both the conventional kind, and blog search engines and social bookmarking sites. They all use keywords.


Once you have started your blog, as we have said, you should be proud of it, and therefore willing to not only show it to everyone you know, but also be willing to get honest opinions from them. In addition, get them to post comments, questions, and interact with the blog. All of this will also provide content, keywords, and attract attention.


A well written post can make a big difference to the blog, a post interacted with extensively is like a hive to bees.


You will sometimes be stuck for ideas when writing your blog, but there are some ways of getting around that. In every niche topic area, there are always going to be evergreen kinds of content.


For example, if you have a pet site, there is always going to be dog training, feeding, and general care information. It may sound too obvious, but those are the kinds of things people are looking to learn about when they type in puppy training.


So while it may not seem that original, if you approach the topic from your own experience and perspective, it will seem fresh, lively, and relevant. 


Speak your mind through the blog, impart your knowledge, and whatever you wish to share, do so in a creative and fresh way.