Oct 25 2008

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 12

Tips on How to Start and Keep Up Your Own Blog 12


The dreaded SPAM

Once you are up and running, you will find that in no time your readers will comment and link to the post. The question is, are they real, or are they just looking to get links to their blog?


The sad truth is that spam has already made its way to blogland, and it is a vengeful beast. It can not only pollute your site, it can even take it over if you are not careful and have too obvious a username and password. 


In WordPress, there are settings which force a comment to be moderated. Make sure you turn this on. There is also a feature that they have to give an email address and be granted permission to join the site in order to post comments. This will slow spammers down, but not stop them entirely.


It wastes a lot of time and effort to get rid of spam from your blog, but the alternative is to have all your hard work ruined, so be careful and cautious in granting permission.


If it is a very general comment like I agree, this is usually a spammer trying to get a link, and it is also like a fly to honey—soon you will have a ton of spammers all glomming onto your site.


Also make sure that even if the comment looks legitimate, you click on the URL they have posted to be sure it is not porn or something unsavory. Remember that this is your ‘storefront’ to the world, so don’t put anything cheap and tacky in it.


Legitimate trackbacks, pings and comments are a good thing, and once you have bagged a good number of readers for your blogs, then you have to devote time religiously to respond to all comments and suggestions coming from the readers.


You will not only gain their loyalty, but also get new ideas for developing some innovative content for your next posts.


If you are planning to sell online, the good news is that most of the time the customer service will be taken care of for you. However, people will contact you directly, so make sure your own personal customer service is prompt and courteous.


Finally, being an expert on blogging requires all of the above, and of course the will and courage to not only keep on going, but to be brave enough to step out from behind ‘anonymous’ to branding yourself.   


Again, your blog is your storefront for your business, your skills as a consultant, author, or re-seller of a product, so the more relevant and interesting your content, the more likely you will be to rise to the top within a few months to a year, and develop a following.


It does take time, but the rewards can be enormous, and best off, they can be coming in 24/7, 365 days a year, from all over the world once you establish your presence in the blog world and start becoming the go-to blog everyone wants to read.