Sep 01 2008

Things to Look for in a Web Designer

As we have discussed in our previous articles on the pros and cons of do it yourself web design, versus hiring a professional web designer, there are a number of reasons why both can be good choices depending on what phase of your internet business you are in.

If you do decide to go the route of hiring a designer, here is a list of what you should look for in a good web designer:

– recommended by others

– experience designing type of site you need/want

– portfolio to look through of actual working websites

– up to date: are they using the newest techniques?

– affiliations: are they recognized in their field or by peers in their industry

– do they have clients similar to you?

– are they available; is time going to be an issue if you are in a rush

– do they provide support after your site is done?

– what if you need an update?

– custom pricing: can they put together a package just for you, or do you have to buy a standard all in one package with parts you may not need?

– flexibilty: are they willing to work with you to acheive your concept as you visualize it

Make sure you get a wide list of clients and look at the sites, and see what common themes run through them, and if those aspects are of interest to you for the kind of site you’d like. Asking the right questions and doing your research before you hire a web designer will save you an lot of hassle in the long run.