Apr 29 2013

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The Insider Secrets Corp. website is owned by a publishing company which publishes copyrighted excerpts derived from original writings by authors who have given us contractual permission to publish digital and print editions of their works, and allow us to publish excerpts of their work online for promotional purposes.

Insider Secrets Corp. is a royalty-paying publisher.

Reading and accepting the Insider Secrets Corp. Privacy Policy Terms of Use and reading and accepting the provisions of the Insider Secrets Corp. Privacy Policy are required considerations for granting you the right to visit, read or interact with this website.

All persons should read and accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy prior to registering at this site. By viewing or interacting with this website, or registering for the free email newsletters at this site, you are agreeing to all the provisions of the Insider Secrets Corp. Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use

All persons under the age of 13 are denied access to the registration portion of this website. If you are under 13 years of age, it is unlawful for you to register for the free email newsletters without the specific written permission of your parent or legal guardian via USPS mail.

This website specifically denies access to the email newsletters and registration to the site to any individual that is covered by the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998, since we are not permitted to collect such an individual’s email address.

Any person under the age of 13 is also denied the right to purchase any books from this website for the same reason, namely that we are not allowed to collect such an individual’s mailing address, email address, or any other identifying personal information.

Visitors Over Age 18

Whenever possible, we publish articles or excerpts suitable for people over 13 year of age; however, in view of the COPPA Act we would like to request that only people over age 18 interact with this site.

Parties To The Terms Of Use Agreement

Viewers, users, or customers, collectively referred to herein as “Visitors,” to the website Insider Secrets Corp. are parties to this agreement. The website (insidersecretscorp.com) and its owners and/or operators are parties to this agreement, herein referred to as “Website.”

Use Of Information From This Website

Unless you have requested express written permission, visitors are not allowed to use the information at this site or in the www.insidersecretscorp.com series of publications in a commercial or public setting, such as re-printing, or copying and pasting anything onto an article repository, other website, or open discussion forum.

Visitors are encouraged to cite the referring URL if they wish to pass along or share the newsletters or any free excerpts that they may read at the website.

For permission to reprint or reuse any material contained at this site or within the www.insidersecretscorp.com series of publications, please contact the Permissions Editor at insidersecretscorp.com and we will be happy to help.

Permission will be granted on the basis of full attribution of the author and the website www.insidersecretscorp.com and the inclusion of a URL link to http://insidersecretscorp.com or the article or book specifically cited.

Parties interested in translation or foreign rights can contact the Permissions Editor as indicated above for a fuller discussion of your content needs.

By viewing the contents of this website, you agree to all these conditions. All visitors and readers at this site and of the email newsletters, complete with any excerpts from the books we publish, do hereby promise not use the copyrighted content at this website in an unlawful manner.

You do also hereby acknowledge that any unauthorized use of www.insidersecretscorp.com content is indeed unlawful, and will therefore subject you to civil or criminal penalties.

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