Jul 17 2010

Underground Traffic Blueprints review Part 2

Part 2 of the Review, and the Course:

The 8 Million Visitor Section is just as awesome as the first section because 8 million visitors is really the potential (or more) if you keep following the blueprints.

Unfortunately, this second section entails a little more patience than the first section, but once implemented, this blueprint teaches you everything you need to build your own traffic-driving “Hard Internet Asset” that will keep growing in real value while sending more targeted traffic to your offers every day.

This second section of Phase 1 is another “whole and complete blueprint”, this time, for setting up and filling a website that will dominate any niche you put it on. (I can’t reveal the type of site here as it wouldn’t really be fair to the guys and their customers, but trust me, this is something you will want to know more about.)

So, instead of chasing traffic around the Internet like a hungry dog, this asset will draw traffic to you, while paying dividends with every offer, and increasing its own “cashing out” value every day.

You could easily earn $200-$300 a month off this blueprint and cash out for $30,000 or more in a year if you wanted to get out of the internet business, but with the blueprints making it so easy and so fun, who would ever want to??

The next section of Phase 1 of Underground Traffic Blueprints takes a fresh look at the oldest profession on the web? “Article marketing”. This “underground look” uncovers a “different” world, that of the “extreme article market”.

The extreme article market is not what it looks like on the surface and once you get your underground, “back-stage” pass, you’ll understand why you haven’t been making the profits the gurus have been promising, and how you can win at this game.

This is a complete article marketing espionage kit, with secret codes for peeking under the hoods of article directory sites. You can then cut the strings of the puppet masters and put your articles in the money spot instead of the fluff that’s been appearing. Jeremy and Simon even expose the “grey hat strategies” you are up against so you can take appropriate action to beat them at their own game.

Finally, in this section they show you how to leverage content so that you can get high quality articles in next to no time.

If all this sounds like something you can really use to grow your business, then order Underground Traffic Blueprints now. Buy now

If you are still not sure it is right for you, look out for the next part of my in-depth review.

Jul 14 2010

Underground Traffic Blueprints Launch

Just to let you all know that Underground Traffic Blueprints is launching! This is 7 hours of packed training to help drive traffic to your site using underground strategies that will totally shock you. See it for yourself now: Underground Traffic Blueprints Launch