Aug 12 2012

How to Get Started Using Google Webmaster Tools

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile to take the time and effort to create an xml google site map, in the hopes of it improving their ranking or quality score with Google.

For most of us small business owners, we do not have access to the hosting server to put the Google software tool on to do it automatically, and some don’t know xml from an xray.

But there is hope!

There is one easy way to get your site spidered by Google quickly at least once a week. How can you ‘talk’ to Google more often?

In your free GMAIL account, there are various free tools. One of the tabs, Webmaster Tools, has a way to VERIFY your domain with Google by putting a small piece of code in the metatag on your homepage. (Look on the top left when you are logged in to gmail and choose More count if you want to see a full list of all the things Google offers for free within Gmail.

Once you get to the next screen you will see an icon that looks like a group of computers in various colors.

Once you verify your account, you will start getting great reports on what people are not only searching for, but clicking through on, the top 20 for each, and what you rank on for each of these terms as well.

It also shows all your internal and external links, pages, and most important keywords. It also shows the exact date and time since your site was last spidered.

It is a completely free tool and gives a range of traffic reports about your site, most of which you can download as CSV files.

The reports give you the knowledge of what people are REALLY searching for, and what is bringing them to your site. You can break it down per country as well, so you can see how popular your site is overseas.

They also have mobile search as well, so the kinds of reports they are adding can help you create more products that you know people are interested in. How do you know? Your weekly reports will be tellling you.

The tools and reports are all easy to use, so if you want to access them, set up a free gmail account, and go to the Webmaster Tools section. Once there, request a verification code and copy and paste the code on your homepage in the meta tag section. Follow the illustrations they will give you.

After you have pasted it, go back to the site to verify the account, and then your site profile results will start coming in. Use the data you get to see where you are in your business at the moment, and where you wish to go.

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