Jul 09 2012

7 More Top Tips for Time Management

1. Set a specific time during the day to organize yourself, looking over your to-do list, and taking care of filing and so on. Close the door or put a note up that says ‘do not disturb’. Allocating this time ensures focus and can help aid in completion of all your tasks.

2. If you are not really sure where your time goes, try logging your time for a certain period, such as a week, writing down what you do each half hour. What you gather can serve as your basis for deciding what changes you have to make to manage your time better.

3. Take heavy traffic as a given. Don’t use it as an excuse for being tardy. Leave early for work or an appointment rather than waste time, make excuses, and look unprofessional. Getting into work early each day can also help give you at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time at work when no one else is there yet.

4. Among the items on your to-do list, determine which ones should be finished within the day and work on those tasks first. Move on to the less urgent tasks towards the end of the day.

5. Maintain your focus. Many people claim that they can multitask, but studies have shown that his is not the case. Try to work on each task or project end to end rather than skip back and forth between tasks.

6. Observe your work habits. If you often feel restless during work hours and unable to focus, try taking several short breaks throughout the day. You’ll feel more refreshed and eager to finish the tasks at hand than if you are feeling chained to the desk.

7. Deal with interruptions efficiently. If something is not in your schedule of priorities and there’s still a lot to do, then it shouldn’t be allowed to take up your time. If a colleague pops in to talk, ask them if they can come back when you are less busy and ask what the topic is about so that you can prepare anything they might require beforehand. If they are just going to hang out and talk sports, remember that time is money and suggest you meet after work for a drink or go to lunch at a certain time and/or on a certain day.


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