Dec 30 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 6

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 6

One other way to get the most bang for your buck is to ask your practice audience you are performing your business presentations in front of if they might be interested in helping you, in exchange for a commission, of course.

In other words, they have already sat through the elevator speech and the presentation, perhaps several times. It might be only a few short steps more to actually train them. In fact, some of your family and friends might have similar skills, and be happy to have the opportunity, and an additional income and business they can take a proprietary interest in without having to start their own business from scratch themselves.

Make it fun for them and promise you’ll be a good coach and sales representative. Let them know what’s in it for them too, commission, samples, or discounts on products if you are enlisting them as another affiliate for the program you have signed up for.

You might also consider bartering with them, their help, in exchange for yours with their core business, or some other assistance. For example, if this person does a lot of traveling anyway, and can hand out your materials at trade shows as long as he or she is there, you can offer to look after their garden while they are away at the show.

Find out if they have a website, and do mutual linking, or even better, round robin linking, in which anyone with similar businesses links to you, but not directly, rather, in a circle, so the links count for more than mere reciprocal links.

It is almost guaranteed that there are other consultants and business people with similar interests right in your own community. Take an ad out in the local pennysaver paper and set up a presentation at your house or a local school or church center, and see who turns up.

Some might be customers, others trying to sell their own stuff, but a third group might genuinely interested in your products and be willing to sign on as a sales rep on commission in order to earn a little additional income during these financially tough times.

Make sure you have sales material with your url on it, and even better, a unique url for them, so that you can see how much traffic is being generated from certain urls, in other words, certain helpers or affiliates.
Track this, and you can then consider offering them a better deal, the more traffic and paying customers or leads they are generating.

It may take a little creative thinking to get people to start acting as spokespersons for your new company. However, once the ball is rolling and you’ve educated your potential people and given them the right sales collateral to use, hopefully you will all get into the mindset of looking for opportunities everywhere, and always being armed with information to pass along to anyone who might want more information.

Following these simple marketing rules will get your new business or affiliate business well on its way to attaining your financial goals without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself.