Dec 28 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 5

Your Corporate Presentation

As we said in the last section of this series of articles, be prepared to rehearse our 30 second intro and your corporate powerpoint presentation.

And you will need to rehearse often, until you are able to do the 30 second speech and core presentation without any pauses, ums, or ramblings.

So who can your audience be?

One of the most obvious places to start is with your relatives.  Heck, they’re family, right?  If you can’t pass muster with them, you will be eaten alive in public.

Friends, former work colleagues and associates you trust if you are going into business for yourself might be other places you might look.

You might also consider an informal gathering at your house and invite the neighbors. Tell them that you are going into business for yourself, and see if they are willing to take part in a demo, or willing to have a look at the website online and give you some feedback.

Email the url of your site to people as well, and pay attention to any criticism you get. That they are even bothering to give you any feedback is very useful, so pay attention, even if you feel like your blood is going to boil.

Remember, don’t take it personally. It is just business. But since over 65% of new businesses fail within the first five years, the ostrich school of management is not the one you want to adopt. Face problems head on, and be proactive.

After all, you’re investing a lot of time, even if not a lot of money, to get this off the ground, so make sure that no matter how many dollars or how many minutes you spend, you get a real return on your investment.