Dec 26 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 4

Your Company Presentations

Now that you have developed, tested and tracked your most effective sales pitches, and developed your collateral sales materials, you need to do your first sales presentations, in person, and through PowerPoint. You will also need to practice them, in order to come off polished and clear.

Firstly, you need to practice introducing yourself and your company or enterprise. This is your elevator speech, as it were. You have 30 seconds to say what you sell, and what the key benefits are.

As for Powerpoint presentations, we like Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule: no more then 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font so people can read it.

If you are afraid you might run out of things to talk about, have a couple of slides spare at the end of your presentation that show the products, give screen shots of the website, and so on, to show your most successful strategies or projects to date.

Otherwise, be prepared to take questions, and answer tough ones.

Next, be prepared to rehearse, and rehearse often, until you are able to do the 30 second speech and core presentation without any pauses, ums, or ramblings.

In our next articles, we will give you ideas on how to get even more bang for your marketing time with your 30 second elevator speech and presentation.