Dec 24 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 3

Your Company Website

It does not have to be fancy, but DO get one up there ASAP once you have decided to either go into business for yourself, or have decided to become an affiliate selling products you are genuinely interested in on behalf of other companies.

The key thing is to get the url up so it will start to propagate on the web. Make sure your basic contact information is there, and start putting up your sales materials as you develop them, paying special attention to keywords.

We have discussed how to get websites up quickly in other articles, so it is enough to say for now that you want something you can change quickly, and organize and re-organize easily, which is why WordPress blogs can be such a great type of website to set up.

Once you have your site up, you can start using it for lead generation, offering a free special report or some other giveaway of value which they are interested in enough to be willing to part with their email address.

This is a particularly crucial step for anyone who wishes to be an affiliate. Sure, you are hoping for sales at the back end, and the retailer to pay you for the products that are sold, but a qualified list is also worth money to you personally.

You can marketing to those people on an ongoing basis, so that even if they are not interested in your first offer, or whatever marketing message they see at the retailer’s site, you will have a chance to communicate with them to refine your sales pitches.

Even more important is what we mentioned above, the art of pre-selling.  You are generating the sizzle prior to them ever clicking over. So hopefully, if the site is highly-converting, professional one, the sale will be that much easier.

Or, you might think you can do better than the material they are using. In which case, hone the marketing message you think your audience will really respond to, and then test and track it.  You have little to lose except some time and effort. And everything to gain if you manage to boost sales and revenue.