Dec 22 2008

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign 2

Starting Up Your Effective New Marketing Campaign

Your first step, is to make sure you have created a realistic business plan, or read through the materials you have been given by the merchant/s you have become affiliated with.

Your next step is to think about all of the products you think you can sell effectively. Choose the ones you have the most personal experience of, or interest in.

If you are selling your own products, make sure you have brainstormed all your keywords, features and benefits that would draw people to your products. What problems do they have, what solutions do you offer.

If you are dealing with affiliates, start out small. Find out what the top 5 products are. See if they offer lists of keywords.  Are there other sales materials, like sales letters, urls, even free websites of your own, that you can take advantage of?

Your next step will be to assemble your marketing materials. Naturally, this will take longer if you are writing your own for your own company.

If you are working as an affiliate, however, don’t just take it for granted that you can skip this step. Their site may or may not be highly converting. In addition, there is the sizzle we talked about in the first section, which many online marketers are now starting to refer to as the ‘pre-sell’.

In other words, you are writing effective sales copy on your site long before they ever get through to the merchant to buy.  We will talk more about this later, but for the moment, it brings us nicely to our next section–have you created a website yet for your new company?