Sep 03 2008

Pricing for Website Design

In out previous articles, we’ve talked about whether or not you should design your site yourself, or hire a professional company to do it.
If you are looking for a designer, here are some pricing considerations:

– custom design pricing can range from $50 to $1000 and even higher depending on size of website to be built

– the cost for a design is covering time and creative effort

– premade templates are generally priced affordably and lower cost than 100% custom designs

– more expensive isn’t always better, nor is cheaper – evaluate the work, not the price

– pricing can be more per page

– script installation will usually incur an extra charge

– if your website designer is also doing the graphic design such as logos and art work, this could mean an increase in price

– design changes can be extra if you make more than one

– a rushed job will cost more

– value and pricing are two different things. Something can be more valuable than it actually costs, for example, making sure that your site has ecommerce capability means you will be able to sell things from your site easily when the time comes.

Make sure that you already have content and some basic site design in mind in terms of number of pages and website navigation in order to keep the price of the project down and prevent any miscommunication.

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