Jul 09 2008

PPC: Pay Per Click, and how to market on the search engines 8

Final words on PPC

PPC is one of the fastest ways to drive qualified traffic to your site for pennies compared to what you would be using other advertising.


Just make sure you understand that PPC  is both a short term and long term strategy, and calculate that it is going to take you several weeks, if not months, to start making any serious sales. It can be the cornerstone of your sales endeavors, and be sure you have a email capture to try to get people to come back for return visits, which will mean a bigger return on your investment.


Finally, you need to calculate whether or not you can afford to make a living by selling to 1 quarter of 1 percent of your visitors—that’s right, .025%, because that is the average conversion rate for most sites. Anything above that is icing on the cake.


PPC is excellent for getting started in advertising and marketing on line, and testing offers and ads, tracking the results, and improving them. Just make sure you proceed with caution, analyze and assess what you are doing, and also keep up to date with any changes to the system.


Also don’t rely on it as your sole stream of traffic and income, but one of several, so that if anything changes in the world of pay per click marketing, you won’t shut down because you have no traffic.


There are a lot of great how to books on PPC, so get one, set your budget, and get started!