Jul 07 2008

PPC: Pay Per Click, and how to market on the search engines 6

Running an effective PPC marketing campaign continued

 In addition, there is syntactic support-for example, the word depression can refer to the medical condition, the weather (eg, a tropical depression), or the Great Depression of the 1930s. How can you tell if your search is relevant-by the other words around it. For the medical condition, you would see words like mood, anxiety, antidepressants and so on.


So write your copy naturally, but also keep in mind that a cluster of keywords or phrases on the page and in your off-page elements like your metatags will help give you good results organically. You will most likely find that eventually you will rank highly on the search engines simply by virtue of traffic and so many people visiting your site, that you may get to turn off your PPC.


Or, turn it off for one set of keywords in order to use your budget to drive traffic to another.


It is also important that a website constantly monitors the performance of its PPC marketing campaign. This will help the site modify any existing PPC marketing ad to make it more productive.


All of the PPC networks allow for split testing, where you can show more than one ad in rotation and see which performs best. Check your campaign settings, especially in Google—it will be favorable for them to make the most money possible and your whole budget can vanish in the blink of an eye if you aren’t careful.


Run two ads, test them, then test again. Any PPC marketing ad that has not proven effective can be immediately discontinued. Altering PPC marketing ads is a continuous process that many websites do in order to increase their return on investment. You will eventually get to a point where you have perfected the ad, and then you can leave it running on autopilot.


Track your sales, and remember, if you are getting lots of good clicks, but no one is taking your newsletter or buying, then you need to look at your sales letter or call to action to see if you can improve it, for maximum return on your investment.