Jul 15 2012

Personalize Your Time Management Techniques

A lot has been written and produced on the topic of time management techniques that are tried and tested, but every person is different in terms of lifestyle and character. A great book or video on time management can be a great starting point for giving you new ideas, but it will only be helpful if you try to implement the ones that work best for you personally.

There is really no one-size-fits all when it comes to time management. A busy businessperson in a Fortune 100 company will need certain time management and organization skills that will be different from those of a small business owner or a freelancer working at home. The time management techniques of a person who works in a service industry with shifts will be different from someone with a flexible timetable or who owns their own business.

Learn about the general principles of time management and scheduling, but adopt the strategies you learn so that you become more productive throughout your day no matter what your personal circumstances and responsibilities.

If you are willing to be flexible and creative, you can manage your time efficiently with tools and other items that you will enjoy working with. Some people love a paper day planner, for example, while others prefer to use their phone or Outlook. Some people love a whiteboard, while others are finding inspiration using Pinterest.

The most effective type of time management system is one that you will use, and enjoy using. It should not become a full time job itself. It should also not make you feel even more overwhelmed or depressed. As one executive said to us, “I loved entering all my tasks onto my digital to do list, but got depressed at the very thought of how much work I had to do, and how I would cross off one item and need to add five more.”

As you go about working out a time management plan and to-do lists, you need to consider what your own specific goals and objectives are when it comes to your career and your daily life. Are the things filling up your day essential, or just time fillers. Does the work only have to be done by you, or could you outsource some of it to another worker?

Asking these questions will help you pare down your schedule and to-do list to the essentials. It will also help you meet more deadlines and create a better working environment for yourself, which will lead to a less stressed personal life as well.

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