Jan 31 2009

Pampering Your Direct Selling Party Hostess 3

Pampering Your Direct Selling Party Hostess 3

Arrive early, not too early, and help her set up the party.
Do whatever it takes to get the party set up. Even if she has done barely a thing, do the best you can.  If she has overdone things, well, at least you know how hard she has tried.

Be professional and gracious at all times. Smile even when it hurts.  Your positive can do attitude will impress people, as will your unruffled manner  if anything does go wrong (which it most likely will). So long as it isn’t a disaster of Titanic proportions, you will be fine.

During the party, make a point of recognizing the efforts of your hostess in front of the other guests.  Thank her, and let the party attendees know what she did and what she earned by being a hostess. Give her the gifts you plan to, and make sure they are nice ones. (Nice than any little giveaways that you plan to give as spot prizes for the attendees).

You may at this point take a few minutes to let others know how they too can be a hostess.  There is nothing people like more than being praised, put in the spotlight for a job well done, and getting a gift. Once they see how they will be treated as a hostess, they will be eager to sign up.

Before during and after, keep your hostess in the loop about where she stands with her goals.  Give her help and advice on how to attain her goals as well as motivation and encouragement.

Never assume a hostess is interested in doing what you do, even if she does a great job, however always present the opportunity and information to her about direct selling.  Let her know her strengths, and how they might fit within the direct sales business.

Be gracious to your hostess.  A thank you note may not seem like much, but it actually says a lot about you.  Sending a thank you note as soon as your hostesses agrees to host a party is a great way to let her know how much you appreciate her and her efforts.

It’s also a great time to follow up with information and reminders that will help her throw a profitable party.  After all, your hostess wants to get something out of this too.

Above all, send a sincere note of thanks.  Party hostesses are the backbone of the direct sales industry.  Without them, you wouldn’t be profitable, and it wouldn’t nearly be as much fun.