Jan 29 2009

Pampering Your Direct Selling Party Hostess 2

Be organized. Keep in touch about the progress of the party planning, but don’t micromanage.  Be available if your hostess has any questions. Consult about the guest list. Don’t throw them any curve balls at the last minute.

Be professional.  Your hostess is counting on you to provide all of the necessary materials and information to throw a good party.  This includes everything from checklists and invitations, to refreshments and back-up supplies.  Make sure you have everything you need to help her throw the best party possible. (and we will talk about giving away prizes in a later article, to help your party go off with a bang).

Establish expectations.  Early on in the process of planning the direct selling party,  it’s helpful to establish the expectations for the party.  That means setting sales goals, attendee goals and so on, as well as establishing a process to attain those goals.

Above all, it means letting your hostess know what’s in it for her, i.e. great gifts, cash, and incentives.

Keep checking in.  Call every couple of days to see how she’s doing and if there is anything you can do to help.  It’s important not to overwhelm her with phone calls and status checks but at the same time to make yourself available if she needs you.  Check the weather closer to the time.  Blizzards, hurricanes, flood warnings, power outages, you name it, they might happen (thank you global warming).

Offer to call her guests if she gives you the names and numbers.  This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and get attendees excited about the party.  How are they getting there? Do they need a lift? Problems with a sitter-maybe they could double up with yours, and so on.