Jan 27 2009

Pampering Your Direct Selling Party Hostess 1

Good hostesses can make or break a direct sales business.  Can your business survive without them?

Do you want to risk finding out?

Happy hostesses will help you gain repeat business over and over again, so it’s essential that your hostesses know you appreciate them.

In these articles we will give some fast, easy suggestions as to how to pamper your direct selling party hostess so she will be thrilled to have you back.

Perfect party treatment begins with a great attitude before, during, and after the party.  This sounds simple enough, but it is not always easy to do with the pressure of work, and anxiety over sales, which after all, are real money.

This is a business, true, but often the harder you try, the less you succeed, so just relax, and think of it as more of a party and a networking and brand-building opportunity. Any exposure of your business and direct selling products is better than none, even if you don’t come away with a book full of sales.

The most important thing to remember is that you set the tone for the party, and your attitude will be contagious.  If you’re feeling less than genuinely thrilled about your direct sales business and products, your hostess will pick up on it.

This may leave her wondering why she’s throwing a party in the first place.  Therefore, make sure your attitude is positive and professional at all times when around your hostess or potential hostesses.  Smile. Be happy, cheerful, and positive, and try to have several anecdotes or mini-reviews about the products to help people along in their purchasing decisions.

But also make sure to talk about the things THEY are interested in. A direct selling party is not the place for the hard sell.