Sep 11 2008

Paid Hosting

Different Types of Paid Hosting

— Shared Hosting

*what most people use

*usually has a web-based easy to use control panel system, such as cPanel and the Fantistico suite, part of the hostgator service, for example

*provider is responsible for management of servers. If it breaks, you call them

*Linux and Windows based available from most providers

*It is not a 100% unique IP address, hundreds of websites will have a similar IP

*reasonably priced from a few dollars a month

— Dedicated Hosting

*an entire server not shared with anyone, just you

* more expensive

*server administration is an additional service you will have to get from the hosting company

*less likely to have a problem with spam coming from your server

Additionall consideration,

-you’ve got your own domain name, plenty of space and in most can host more than one domain per account, if you are going to have multiple small sites all linking to each other, rather than one huge site of all your products

-puts forth a professional appearance for your site or blog

-branding via domain name

-customized email addresses

-my sql database-very robust

-flexibility to do what you want. You are in charge now, not the server hosting company

-you can implement SEO techniques and optimize all your pages

-adds credibility to your name

_you can host other sites yourself

We’ve used GoDaddy and hostgator. The easiest for getting a site up and running in only a few hours is hostgator thanks to their CPanel and Fantastico suite, so if you want a blog or site fast, go with their hosting, and the hatchling level of service.

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