Jan 14 2009

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 5

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 5

Take advantage of discounts for you and the whole family.

Finally, some direct sales companies may offer discounts and resources which will help you save money and build your business. For example, they may off discounts on insurance, office supplies, printing and more.  Every penny save is a penny earned. You want to be successful in business, so yes, you can write off essential expenses on your taxes.

But why pay more than you have to? In these economic times, spend every penny like it might be your last. Don’t go overboard with your new business and spend more than you are making.

It is great to take advantage of direct selling discounts or affiliate opportunities, but it is no savings if these are things you would never buy in the first place.

The same is true with gift giving and holiday shopping. It is great to want to share the love and largesse, so to speak, but make sure you are not your own biggest customer. And that the gifts you give are actually going to be welcome ones, not make you look cheap in front of the whole family who roll their eyes at the brand new set of Tupperware you just gave them.

Make your direct sales company work for you and you’ll be that much closer to building the business you desire.