Jan 11 2009

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 3

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 3

Use the hostess gifts they provide/recommend.

Some direct sales companies offer a very structured hostess coaching and incentive program, while others again let the direct sales consultant create a coaching and incentive program that works best for them.

Use any and all of the coaching materials that your company provides.  Presumably they’ve done their research and they have a history of success with their coaching and incentives, otherwise they would not still be in business.

That being said, if you find that some of their materials are not working for you, then revise the program to fit y our needs.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to tell the direct sales company what works, what doesn’t, and ask for guidance and guidelines. Also share with them any solution you think you might have found.  They can use your experience and advice to tweak the program to make it more effective, in which case, everyone is a winner.

They might even thank you for it with special discounts, sales awards, or some other form of recognition for your efforts.