Jan 09 2009

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 2

Make Your Direct Sales Company Work For You 2

For example, many women sell Avon products. Most of these women will use the products faithfully, even enthusiastically.  I know many people swear by Avon Skin So Soft not only as a moisturizer, but also as an insect repellent. That did not work for me, but it does for my mother.

Or their vanilla or raspberry lip balm. I like the way they both taste good, and leave your lips soft, without gluing them together. And guys will like the taste, and not just from kissing you!

You see, features and benefits. And I can give specific details because I really do use the product.

Their lip plumper is not bad; it does what it is supposed to, and does not leave your mouth numb or burning, and it tastes pretty good too. It may not give you the huge trout pout so many movie starlets seem to be going for these days, but for the price, it gives you plump, soft and kissable lips, with a natural look and gloss.

You see, specific details again. So use the products, write little mini-stories or reviews, and put them up on your site or as part of your handouts as you look for new customers. You can do My Top Picks, My 5 Faves, and so on.