Jan 21 2009

How to Perk Up Trade Shows – Prizes 4

Trade shows are expensive to participate in, and so you need to really make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Setting up a prize drawing in the ways we have suggested offers two benefits.  It gives you concrete leads to build your business, and it offers you the opportunity to award the prizes at the show or after the show at a later date when you can call people and let them know they’ve won.

Make sure to not let this information go to waste.  Use the information you’ve collected to send out information about promotions and new products. Don’t just do a one and done, after the trade show, but maintain regular contact, at least once a quarter, to keep people up to date on what you are doing.

The easiest way to do this is of course with an email list, and leading them to a special url with a special offer. Remember, it often takes 17 exposures to a brand before recognition sets in, let alone someone making a purchasing decision.

With a bit of time and effort, and the cost of the better prizes (which you can usually get inexpensively if you buy in bulk, or get commission on if you join an affiliate program and buy through your own link), you can have fun and generate valuable leads at the same time.

Just keep in mind that not everyone will want to play, and not everyone will be a true customer, since there are always going to be people who will just go for the freebies. And of course, there will be the people who are more intent on getting YOU as THEIR customer, than being yours!

Whether you choose to host a drawing or ask your attendees to play a game, giving away prizes is a great way to introduce new people to your products and gain future customers.