May 09 2009

How to Overcome Information Overload 3

#5  Organize and label.

Email messages can often be sorted and labeled and even stored in folders so you can access them on an as needed basis.

Information, for example blogs, newsletters, and content you receive can also be sorted and organized for easy access. Many blogs allow email subscribe options, which means you don’t have to hunt all over the website to see what is new, they will deliver it to you.  You can then file it in your email folders–a free Yahoo account with unlimited storage is great for this.

Also putting material in Google or Yahoo dashboard collects it without you losing anything. This process saves you time from having to consume information when you receive it.  Now you can access it when and if you need it and save yourself valuable time.

Just make sure your filing system is consistent. Keyword your files and folders, and at the very worst, create one folder on your desktop for each month to help keep it tidy.

Ultimately, you’re in control of your time and the information you consume.  Set priorities, use the tools and technology available, and keep yourself organized for a streamlined and stress free approach to information gathering so you don’t suffer from information overload.