Apr 02 2009

Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution,

Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution, and How It Can Renew America

Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution
was written by Thomas Friedman. He is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist and New York Times columnist, who has written many successful books.

He has reported on the Middle East conflict, international economics, terrorist threats and the worldwide impact and was named one of America’s Best Leaders by U.S. News & World Report.

In his book, Friedman discusses how over-population, globalization and global warming have created a planet that isìhot, flat, and crowded and really in need of a new Green Revolution.

The book begins with a discussion of how America and Americans have changed since 9/11. Since then America has been building walls around itself to keep foreigners out. This has changed the way America is seen by others and how Americans see themselves. It keeps the country from being a nation of hope, and limits its ability to be a leader to conquer the important ecological and economic challenges of today.

In his book he presents the reader with ideas of a Green Revolution. He talks about how to restore the world and how to revive America at the same time.

Of particular interest is how the decreasing amount of non-renewable energy resources can be turned into an economic boom, creating jobs and change our wasteful practices, by putting our investment and effort into looking for renewable resources and ways to combat global warming.

His Code Green strategies call for clean energy, energy efficiency and conservation, strategies that open up opportunities for America as a leader and healer of the earth and in so doing restoring the health within the American nation.

Friedman offers in his book a doable plan to restore our planet, and to raise wealth. This is a must-read book of hope for everybody who is interested in our planet’s continued well-being and a sustainable future.

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