Feb 09 2009

Help People Remember Your Direct Selling Show and Products 4

Be a party butterfly, not a wallflower.
Make sure you talk to everyone at the party, get their name, and thank them for coming. Even if you don’t feel you have got a great response to the direct selling presentation, you can score points for your own personal and professional manner.

Dress appropriately.
Try business casual, but comfortable. Avoid extremes of jewelry or makeup, even if these are items you are selling. You want to be memorable, though not in an eccentric or bad way. You want to show off the products, but not look like a walking billboard.

Hosting at home.
If you are hosting at home, try to make your house seem as normal as possible. Don’t load the place with so many of your direct selling items that it looks like more of a warehouse than a living room.

(Which is a good reminder to make sure that your business office or area is also always tidy in case you have to pop in and out, but also, that it doesn’t take over your entire house).

Direct sales parties can be a fantastic experience for everyone involved.  If people have fun and are appreciated, and the benefits of the products are explained, rather than the features, you’re sure to see a boost in present and future sales.

Make sure your direct sales party is fun, and they will want to come back to you for more. Remember, people do business with people they like.  Be the go-to person for fabulous products, and watch your direct-selling business grow.