Feb 08 2009

Help People Remember Your Direct Selling Show and Products 3

Be knowledgeable about the products.
Know your product line as best you can. Avoid ums and ers. Practice describing them in a clear, brief manner-the 10 second elevator speech. I always used to cringe at having to go into meetings with my colleagues because they were always so unpolished, it made the company look bad.

Even though I was supposed to be ‘subordinate’, I would often end up being the ‘go-to’ person for facts, figures, statistics, and the overall vision of the company.

Successful selling is all about confidence. Yours, and that of the person doing the buying. They need to be confident that they are making the right decision. That their life will be better with your product, that they are getting value for money. Knowledge and a professional air will go a long way towards building that confidence.

Keep it light.
Many times people go to direct sales parties and expect a bit of a heavy-handed sales pitch. Keep it light and fun. Jokes, where appropriate, and games are a great way to lighten the mood, and let people know they’re not going to be tackled on their way out the door if they decide not to buy anything. In addition, you can find fun ways to give prizes at your direct sales party. (See the article at this site on that topic).

Just remember, though, you are there to work, not just to have a good time. Try to keep things in balance.

When you’re finished with your presentation, ask if there are any questions. Then get people to pass around the products, and examine your displays at their leisure.

Make sure to be available if and when people have questions about the products or ordering. Make sure you have your contact information on every piece of paper you hand out, phone, email, and even a url as well if you have set up a site to sell from too.