Feb 07 2009

Help People Remember Your Direct Selling Show and Products 2

Keep your presentation short and sweet, but jam packed with benefits, not features.

Twenty minutes is usually long enough to hold a group’s attention without losing them.  Any longer and peoples’ minds start to wander.

During that twenty minutes make sure to talk about how the products you’re selling are going to make their lives better, solve their problems, and fill their needs.

All too often, in copywriting and demonstrating, we list all the features of the product. Tinted sun roof, side impact bars, and so on.

What most companies fail to do is describe the benefits–Tinted sunroof to protect your family from the harmful rays of the sun but give a bright spacious feel to the interior.  Side impact bars to protect your family in the event of a collision that isn’t head on or bumper to bumper.

If you’re selling candles which burn for 10 hours, then the benefit to them is that it can burn all day without being replaced.  Or that one candle is good for ten hour-long baths.  You’re saving money and also setting the tone for them picturing a more luxurious life lived with your product.

Share personal information about yourself, not too personal of course, so your attendees can relate to you and make a positive association.

You can talk about how you decided to become a direct sales consultant, about your family, and what the job now means to them. You can even talk about how you met the hostess, or about how being a direct sales consultant has changed your life.

For example, all of my marketing money goes straight into the college fund for my brother’s kids. I even have my business credit card linked to a 529 fund, which gives me cash back straight back into it, to save as much money as I can for them.