Mar 20 2009

Getting to Know Twitter 3

Getting to Know Twitter 3

Send and Receive Regular Updates
Want to follow someone’s updates and see what they are up to with their business or life in general? Simply sign into your Twitter account, type in their Twitter address or username and click the “Follow” button.  That’s all there is to it.

The amount of time that spent reading the messages is very short, and you can be in contact with people a great deal more than you otherwise might be.

Staying in Closer Touch
In essence, you can get to know each other much more quickly than if you were just reading each others blogs or profiles on the internet.

The look and feel of an instant messaging service helps add to this ability.  Think about it for a minute: Do you feel more connected to those on your messenger list, or on the blogs you read?

Twitter gives the impression of closer contact, and also immediacy, that exciting things are happening that no one wants to miss out on.