Mar 16 2009

Getting to Know Twitter 1

Getting to Know Twitter 1

If you want to understand your target customer as well as keep up with various ways of marketing to those potential customers, Twitter is one of the most powerful and popular tools out there right now.

This new type of network communication has been taken up by companies and individuals alike in recent months and for good reason.  It is an effective way to market to people if you follow a few simple guidelines.

To get a better understanding of Twitter, let’s first take a look at the format.

Short and Sweet Tweets

Essentially, Twitter is a program that allows you to make very small, public posts.

Because these posts are so limited (they max out at 140 characters) they can easily be sent to a number of different locations all at once.

Like Instant Messaging, Only Public
When you have written a Twitter, it can appear on the twitter website, on short message services, instant messaging sites or even on third-party applications like Facebook or Twitterific.

Users can even add a script to their blog or website, to show their most recent posts and the posts of others!  Your Twitter messages, also known tweets, will appear to anyone who has chosen to follow your updates.