Aug 25 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 9

Refining your campaign

You can do this with each of your keywords, and then try to do split tests for each of your landing pages, to track and then test, to see first of all how you are doing, and secondly, if you can test to improve things.

All of this requires patience, and can be time consuming, but the good news is, once it is done, you have set up you first campaign, and some of your traffic should be converting from browsers into buyers.

If they are not clicking on your ad, look at it again.

If they ARE, but no one is buying, is your call to action clear enough? Are you offering the right content, in other words, continuing the keyword conversation and offering them the solution they need?

Is your Quality Score low? Are your keywords on the page and in the metatags, are your pictures named meaningfully using keywords, and are your alt and title tags populated with keywords?

If they are, great, if not, go back and take the time to do them correctly. It will help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well (unless you are concerned with duplicate content, in which case, you might want to put “do not follow” tags on the pages that are duplicated.

So, keywords are not only essential for your website, but a crucial part of Search engine marketing (PPC) and SEO. Brainstorm your lists of keywords, start slowly with Adwords so you don’t lose your shirt, and when you start getting positive results and a revenue stream, and have become familiar with the system, then you can add more keyword based campaigns to grow your online marketing presence.

Finally, once you have a successful campaign in Google, you can migrate it over to Yahoo, MSN, and other ad networks as well. Just keep in mind that they don’t permit you to have a really large number of groups in your account, so you need to be careful when you migrate them over. We will cover setting up in Yahoo and MSN in other articles soon. For now, get started cautiously with Google, and see how successful you can be with this powerful marketing tool.