Aug 23 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 8




Split Testing

One of the great things about this system is you can run two ads in rotation, and test to see which performs the best. Don’t get caught up in little tiny fractions of a percentage point, go for big changes of a percent or two. Just keep in mind that you should test and track, and keep an eye on your campaign settings and define a meaningful test for yourself. (Also remember that you are not just looking at click through rate, but also conversion from browsers into buyers).


For example, to run an A/B split test, you can set your campaign settings to run accelerated ads, in rotation, to show the ads as fast as possible, and find a winner quickly.  Then you could do the same for a third ad, and a fourth, keeping track of your changes so that if you don’t improve, you can easily go back to the way things were.


Always set up a new ad, even if it seems like only a minor change, or else your former results will be lost, dropping down into the ‘other’ category with no record of what they used to be.