Aug 21 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 7

 Adding and Removing Keywords

Once you’ve created your account, you can add or remove keywords by logging in to your account. At the top of the Statistics section of the My Ad Campaign page, click the Add more keywords link. On the next page, you can again add keywords in the box provided and use the Want more? box to find related keywords. When you are done, click Save Changes.

To delete any keyword, find the keyword in the Statistics section of the “My Campaigns” page. Click the Delete link in the same row as the keyword.

Again, you might want to set up small, targeted campaigns, so if some words are performing well, you might break your cluster into even smaller groups to really gear your ad toward that keyword, or again, give a different destination URL in order to match that keyword, and also boost your Quality Score.


Quality Score.

This is the algorithmic formula determined by Google as to how relevant your landing page is to the keyword. The rankings at present are Poor, Ok, Good and Great. You are aiming for Great wherever possible, so you can get your bids down.  Just remember that there are a lot of factors which influence quality score, so it pays to read the guidelines in the interface.


To see how you are scoring on each keyword, rollover the little spyglass to the right of the word, and see what it tells you. It will show you if the ad is showing or not, and your quality score, and suggestions as to how to fix the situation if need be.


We will go into some guidelines on quality score and simple ways to improve it in a later set of articles.