Aug 19 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 6

* Use the Google Keyword Tool

At any time, you can use the Keyword Tool at Google to find relevant keyword ideas. If you are unsure of what keywords to choose when signing up, enter a term related to your ad in the box titled “Want more?” on the signup wizard.


The AdWords system will then show you possible keywords related to the one you entered. Carefully select the ones that best match your ad, then click Add to move them to your keyword list.


Even better, you can now see what sort of search volume (number of people who will be looking for that keyword) you would get on certain words. This is a big step up from their old service, and more in line with the old Overture Tool that got acquired by Yahoo at the end of last year and basically went away. 


A note about location-specific keywords.

Many search terms are general, but it can sometimes be useful to choose keywords like New York real estate, New York Florist, or Florist and your zip code, eg 10018.  AdWords automatically targets your ads to the region you select. If you are running local business ads, your ad will automatically appear to those in the vicinity of your business location.