Aug 17 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 5

* Tracking your ads.

This is a critical part of the whole process, and one that requires patience and perseverance. 


First of all, check to see if your ads are running.  Sometimes they might need an adjustment to their wording or your bid in order to get them to show, or to show high enough up the page to get you meaningful traffic.


After your ads have run for two or 3 days, check your account to see which keywords are getting you the most clicks for the lowest prices. Get into the practice of checking it daily.


Refine the keywords that work. Weed out the keywords that don’t. If cookie wedding favors is working well,  roses is working well, try other variations. If your budget is not being spent, try adding a couple of more new keywords.


Very popular keywords can be very expensive because many people want to advertise on them. You may find that some keywords are too expensive for your budget, or that others give you better return on your investment. It is all about what you can afford, and who you are converting.


* You can pay $1 a click on a $100 purchase, but on a $4 one, you might have some trouble making ends meet. Remember that only about ½ of 1% convert into buyers. Yes, .5%. You may want to drive traffic purely as a branding exercise, but sooner or later you are going to have to start making money.


You can use bid placement to moderate your spend, and still get on the first page. If you set you placements too high, and your bids too low, you will not get on the first page.


If you set your bids too high, so that you are in the top 3 positions, you might get a lot of ‘happy clickers’ who think your ad is an organic search result. Many will click, and some might buy, but if your page is too overtly commercial looking (like a rapid conversion landing page) they might click right back out.