Aug 15 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 4

* Keep your groups and subgroups small.

You’ll get the best results with a few well-chosen keywords. That should be enough to attract the audience you need while letting you focus on the keywords that match your ad best. Cookie wedding favors, edible, wine, would all be in their own subgroups within your larger group of wedding favors, or even food related wedding favors.


Then you might have a group titled candle wedding favors and have candles holders unity candles and so on within that group.


Whatever keywords you use in the subgroup, make sure they are in the ad, and as we said, if you can, customize your landing page as well, so that when they view it they will see content and products on that keyword.



*Content network versus search network.

Most people will tell you NOT to use the content network, partner sites external to Google that run their ads. We agree, so make sure when you set up your account that that option is unchecked. Otherwise, you can go to Edit Campaign and look at the dashboard, top right hand side under search, to make sure it is unchecked. 


Google is currently trying to reassure customers that it is safe to advertise on the content network, but:


A-there is a high incidence rate of click fraud

B-we do not recommend it when you are initially launching because you would like to get a very precise, targeted campaign and track to see how your ads are doing, and should do that in the relatively predictable space of Google. Then if you need more traffic, for higher volume, you can disseminate your most successful ads more widely.