Aug 13 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 3

* Be specific.

If you’re selling wedding favors, use specific keywords like wine wedding favors or cookie wedding favors or golf wedding favors. Think of how you search for things and be as specific as possible.


Also, be aware of the difference between someone who types in Xbox and someone who types in Xbox360 Repair Guide. The second search means that that searcher is more likely close to a purchasing decision.


* Offer the solution.

If you know what they are searching for, and why, for example, the Xbox360 Repair Guide, or the Cookie Wedding Favors person, you can gear your ad towards other aspects of the purchasing decision which will give them confidence to buy. For example, the Xbox360 Repair Guide would emphasis that they can do it at home cheap, fast and easy and save money.  For the Cookie Wedding Favors, fast delivery, personalization, classy, elegant, discounts, free shipping, and so on, would all contribute to the purchasing decision.