Aug 11 2008

Getting Started with Google PPC: AdWords Hints and Tips 2

Keywords are the channel through which you will be driving traffic. Assuming you have a good website worthy of being looked at to start off with, what words would you use to describe your product/s for sale. Start with one product if you have more than one.


Then, brainstorm your keywords. Then be prepared to create a landing page with a short URL that will incorporate that keyword wherever possible. NEVER send your traffic just to your home page if you can customize your marketing message using keywords.


Here are some tips for choosing the right keywords:


* Match your keywords to your ad text.

Your keywords should be closely related to the product or service you’re advertising. Your ad will then get more clicks from people who are interested in what you have to offer.


Many new advertisers enter dozens of keywords unrelated to their ad. They pick the names of popular TV shows or general topics like “videos,” thinking this will put their ad in front of more people.


The result is that yes, there will be a lot of people viewing the ad, maybe even clicking on it, but the fact is that most people who see the ad are looking for other topics.


So if you try this tactic, you will be  wasting money on clicks from people who were not potential, highly targetted customers to begin with. Remember, traffic is meaningless if it does not convert.


Therefore, you will save a lot of time, money and effort by having a few highly relevant keywords specific to your product,  rather than many potentially popular, high volume but unrelated keywords. Match your keywords to your ad content and your site content and products, and you’ll reach  the right audience, the one that really wants what you’re selling.