Jan 25 2009

Find Your First Direct Selling Party Hostess 2

In all likelihood, there will also be other direct sales consultants for the company in your community, for example, Avon or Tupperware.

Direct selling is a thriving and growing business model even with the ease of shopping on the internet. Many people are joining the direct sales industry to create a little additional income during these financially tough times.  Almost 75% of American households have bought something through direct sales in the past year.

Consider connecting with these other direct sales consultants, and take turns hosting your direct selling parties. In many cases, they will not only know the ropes, they will be able to offer invaluable advice on what to do and not do now that you are direct selling.

If you don’t know any other direct sales consultants, post an ad in your local church or school newsletter inviting people to your house. Once they come, start networking like crazy to see who would be willing to host parties in the future.

Take time to check out the venues, and the proposed guest list in terms of average numbers, and start booking your parties.

It might seem daunting to ask people to host a party for you, but you need to get over that shyness quickly if you are going to be successful at direct sales. Remember, if you are selling them a useful product they need, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Also, don’t be shy about telling people you are launching a new phase of your life as a direct marketer.  In many cases, if you explain that you are thinking of going into business, or what your future ambitions are, most people will want to offer help, support and advice.

They’ll be glad they helped you, and being a hostess, when you’re the direct sales consultant in charge, is guaranteed to be mostly fun, not work. Just make sure you do your part to be as organized and helpful as possible.

It may take a little creative thinking to locate your first direct sales party hostess.  However, once the ball is rolling, and you’ve held you first party, if it goes well, then chances are, many others will be lining up to host a party and your business will be well on its way to attaining your goals.