Jan 23 2009

Find Your First Direct Selling Party Hostess 1

Starting a direct sales business is one of the most exciting times of your career. When the sales start coming in, you will naturally be quite excited. So what are your next steps?

Once you’ve created a business plan, familiarized yourself with all of the products and marketing materials, and perhaps even created a website, the next step is to throw your first direct sales party.  That means finding your first party hostess, which for many people can be a daunting task.

But fear not. Everyone loves a party, right? So here are a few places to begin.

One of the most obvious places to start is with your relatives.  In most cases, they will be only too happy to help you out with your new business.

However, in order to make hosting a party more of a pleasure than an obligation or even annoyance, make sure to ask relatives who will be interested in your products, and who will have friends who are interested in the direct selling business. It won’t do any good if Uncle Jim hosts a party for your new gift basket business and invites all his mechanic friends, unless they happen to be the world’s biggest romantics.

But what if you don’t have family in the area, or you just don’t want to ask them for any favors?  The next obvious place to try is with your friends.

Again, make sure to ask only the friends who would actually benefit from the products and would possibly enjoy being a hostess and learning more about direct selling with the company you’ve chosen.

Make it fun for them and promise you’ll be a good coach and sales representative.  Let them know what’s in it for them too, like great hostess gifts and discounts on many of the products.  (Consider also trading with them if it helps. In other words, if they host a party, you will watch their children for a day, or whatever other help they need.)