Feb 03 2009

Donating Prizes At Your Direct Selling Parties 2

The other great way to find people to donate prizes to is to have a drawing or sweepstakes.  Each person invited is encouraged to enter the drawing and the first, second, and third names drawn each receive a prize.

Of course, if you have more prizes to award then you can continue to draw and donate prizes as you go.  Most of the prizes should be from the line of products that you are selling, to get them to try them for themselves and see what great value they are.

But if you have any bigger ticket items in good condition which you either don’t want, or have managed to buy at a discount, the one big item can serve as a lure for people to come to the party to win the prizes.

A drawing is also a great way to generate leads.  Instead of having people simply put their name on a piece of paper, they can actually fill out a pre-set postcard.

Consider asking for the following information:

– Name

– Address

– Phone number

– If they are interested in becoming a consultant

– If they are interested in hosting a direct selling party (and earning free gifts as a result)

Setting up your drawing this way offers two benefits.  It gives you concrete leads to build your business, and it offers you the opportunity to award the prizes at the show or after the show at a later date when you can call people and let them know they’ve won.

Make sure to not let this information go to waste.  Use the information you’ve collected to send out information about promotions and new products.   Just make sure you keep track of your postage costs, and don’t mail the cards without capturing the data they have noted down.

A second chance to communicate with them and add to your database with this postcard method might be to give them a special url where they could log in, add other important data, like their email address for ease of communication, and perhaps give them a special offer as a thank you for participating.

Make sure it is a limited time offer to get them to act promptly. Then keep track of the results of the promotion.  Via email, periodically offer contests and prizes, just to keep the buzz going.

Whether you choose to host a drawing, or ask your attendees to play a game, giving away prizes related to your new direct selling business is a great way to introduce new people to your product line, and gain future customers.