Feb 01 2009

Donating Prizes At Your Direct Selling Parties 1

One great way to make direct sales parties memorable and fun is to donate prizes to a few choice guests at your direct selling party.

However, it’s often difficult to find way to donate prizes cleverly and strategically at your direct selling party without breaking the bank or causing bad feelings.

Here’s how to donate prizes fairly at your direct selling parties, and still have fun and keep within your marketing budget.

People are by nature a bit competitive, some more than others, so a game is a great way to get the party started. It helps people break the ice, and adds a bit of fun competition to the festivities.

Games can be anything from a trivia game about the products and company,  to a game of strategy and skill.

Games also provide the perfect opportunity to find people to donate prizes to.  Depending on how much time you have and how many prizes you have to give away, you can award the first, second, and third place winners a prize.

Or you can play a couple games, and the first place winner of each game can get a prize.  Just be sure it’s not the same person winning each time.

You can do easy games too, like the first person who has a paperclip, 6 keys, or guesses closest to a particular number.