Jul 21 2008

Creating Relevant Marketing Messages 9

Email Marketing 102 continued

your email marketing message is only as good as your open rates: that is, how many people actually ever get to read it. You need to look at your subject line, and track your opens and click throughs.

Your email also has to be deliverable. Many marketing messages end up in the spam or bulk mail folder due to lack of thought, or ignorance of the latest rules on spam.

The good news is that Spam Assassin is built into the Aweber email interface that we recommend, to make sure your emails are not unacceptable for any number of reasons. The reasons are listed in the interface as well whenever you click on your email spam score.

It is also color coded for ease of use, in the same way as a traffic light, green for go, yellow for caution, red, stop and think about what it is telling you to look at.

The Spam Assassin scores are not always perfect, but you can usually get good feedback and it can often spot HTML errors that you might not have detected yourself.

You will get the best results if you customize each step in the process, and best of all, the service has excellent tracking of email open rates and click through rates.

There is also a split testing tool that will help you hone your sales messages to make sure you are getting the best conversions possible.